How to Achieve Shared Savings for your ACO in the CMS “Pathways to Success” Program

Date: 28th Feb, 2019,
Time: 12:00 PM CST

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Digital Patient Engagement and Outreach

Digital Patient Engagement and Outreach


Let us amplify your care management impact with our digital engagement service to reach more patients at the right time. No organization has enough care managers to engage all the members that require outreach.

Engagement is the new normal. VitreosHealth Insights create opportunities in making overall positive impacts for your organization and population, ultimately leading to better health outcomes. The Digital Engagement Service helps to set the tone for raising awareness that patients can have control over their health care decisions. Everybody wins when engagement takes place.

Vitreos Digital Outreach Engagement solution augments care manager efforts and increases their productivity through increased member outreach and effective member engagement:

  • Streamline engagement and connect with members at scale
  • Automate population outreach through digital methods, such as text, email and more, taking a proactive approach and saving valuable time and money
  • Tailored to meet your business objectives
  • Use the power of Vitreos’ predictive and prescriptive analytics to intersect the right members at the right time with the right message creating impactful micro-moments
  • Branded, personalized digital messages
  • Highly interactive, HIPAA compliant, templated mechanism for action featuring your brand and/or your clients’ branding
  • Improve health outcomes and strengthen loyalty
  • Build trust and satisfaction while meeting business objectives
  • AI-driven with member-level precision insights makes member level targeting highly effective
  • Leverages member psychographics and motivation index for member engagement


We improve population health outcomes through innovative data warehousing, analytics, and improvement services.

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