“Healthcare CIOs, IT leaders and analytics leaders should consider HCIaaS an emerging, and potentially crucial, component in developing their enterprise analytics strategy.”

- Gartner, Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2017, 14 July 2017

Who We Work With

We partner with a wide range of organizations that face unique challenges in the market place across all of healthcare. We work closely with Medicare HMOs and Medicaid Managed Care and Employer-sponsored plans (Taft-HartleyPlans); as well as hospital and provider groups who handle Medicare ACOs and high performance commercial risk contracts.

These healthcare organizations are motivated to lower costs while providing higher quality care and improved health outcomes. They face several challenges and work with us so they can achieve clear and measurable results, at affordable costs.

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  • Health Outcomes Management

    Health Outcomes Management

    We have seen reductions in key areas thanks to VitreosHealth. Emergency Room Visits have been reduced by 18%, Readmissions by 22%, PMPM by 16%, and our MLR was driven down from 93% to 88%.

    - A Medicare Advantage Plan

  • HCC Risk Adjustment

    HCC Risk Adjustment

    2.5 million dollars has been captured in additional revenue in the first six months! As well as a 25% increase in chart reviews and HCC Undercoding improved by 15%.

    - A Healthcare System with Medicare Risk contracts

  • Quality Improvement

    Quality Improvement

    Our Quality Rate is up to 1.05 while our total Medical Cost is down to 0.95 compared to the peer market.

    - An Integrated Physician Network

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Our Solutions

VitreosHealth is the source for adaptive insights into population health management to deliver meaningful outcomes

We improve population health outcomes through innovative data warehousing, analytics, and improvement services.

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