Healthcare is going through a major transformation where providers and payers are focusing on value-based care with pay-for-performance and risk-based contracts. This transformation has yielded innovation and adoption of technologies that have proven effective in other industries. Why are AI-driven predictive analytics not being adopted as aggressively in value-based care like it has in the financial, consumer and technology industries?

Attendees will learn the common challenges faced by Value-Based Care Systems as they attempt to use AI-driven predictive analytics and deliver projects at affordable costs, with quick turnaround times, and high success rate. Attendees will understand the importance of the following:

  1. Leveraging an AI-driven, ETL process to create a granular 360-degree member record
  2. Developing a multi-dimensional OLAP model to identify “Mover” patterns to tease out key input variables and features for AI-modeling
  3. Identifying the right ensemble of models to use based on the specific population health, care management, quality optimization and risk management problems in value-based care models

Where: December 7th, 2017; 12PM CST; 60 minutes

Speaker Information

  • Jay Reddy

    Co-founded VitreosHealth and serves as its CEO

  • Kirit Pandit

    Co-founded VitreosHealth and leads the Predictive Modelling and Solution Architecture Team

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