Providing Insights Across Your Population

VitreosHealth provides a service of advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics through partner data sources, in-house data science talent, and advanced analytics platform technology that provides for actionable answers that impact outcomes to proactively manage population risk and lower costs.

  • Better OutcomesOur care management insights service enables provider and payer organizations to manage populations of patients and achieve specific quality, cost and experience goals. Our solution offers capabilities for identifying patients across the risk spectrum, provide recommendations on ideal care plan to address poor health, identify the gaps between their current care and the care plan, a mechanism for engaging patients, and tracking the outcomes of care.
  • Lowering CostVitreosHealth partners with health organizations to prepare for the transition to value-based care that focuses on outcomes. With risk shifting to providers and more accountability to patients coupled with the incentives from pay-for-performance, our solutions enable performance management  the care continuum to achieve improved quality scores, lowered cost growth and increased network retention.
  • Patient EngagementWith a focus on deep insights into patients’ behaviors, beliefs and barriers to action, VitreosHealth offers a solution that allows you to reach patients when and how they need for you to deliver a clearer and more personalized message to your patients.

Care Management Insights Application

Reduce gaps in care to lower costs and improve outcomes.

VitreosHealth helps healthcare organizations achieve clinical and financial transformation with our advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics. We bridge the gap between quality and cost within organizations.

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Digital Patient Engagement and Outreach

Harnessing digital technologies, we enable patient engagement to address key healthcare priorities such as improving satisfaction and outcomes and reducing cost. We work with healthcare organizations in engaging and influencing patients in their health decisions and behaviors.

We analyze patient behavior and can send real time communications to encourage patients about their health needs.

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Performance Insights

Designed for the executive-level user, VitreosHealth’s Performance Application helps analyze outcomes and cost for different cohorts in a few clicks. The application enables you to understand various aspects of your population by different parameters: clinics, care management/disease management programs, plans, payers, care managers, HCC risk, quality measures and outcomes.

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HCC Predictive Risk Adjustment

We have developed a “RAF Opportunity Score” module based on number of unidentified, under-coded diagnosis codes, type of codes and the revenue impacted to prioritize chart reviews by the HCC analysts. This easy-to-use, intuitive HCC Review insights application ensures accurate, up-to-date documentation, which will positively impact your RAF score.

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STAR/HEDIS Quality Optimization

A web based application that utilizes a Predictive Optimization and Prioritization Model for identifying, prioritizing and performing member outreach to improve quality scores. The solution includes predictive prioritization of the STAR quality measures that are likely to have the highest impact to the current calendar year's STAR rating.

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Our adaptive, learning Extract-Transfer-Load (ETL) process enables us to pull together EMR, claims, billing, pharmacy, lab results, ADT, mental health, HRA and socio-economic data files to create a 360-degree longitudinal view of the patient.

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We improve population health outcomes through innovative data warehousing, analytics, and improvement services.

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