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Social Determinants of Health and Predictive Analytics: Not Just Trendy Buzzwords

How to Use Social Determinants and Psychographic Segmentation for More Effective Care Management and Member Engagement

Patient or member engagement is a key component in educating and activating appropriate behaviors across a population to keep it healthy. But are you accurately pinpointing the right members at the right time for the right intervention? Are you effectively incorporating a member’s social determinants of health and psychographic motivators to reach them and prompt them to act? 

Watch Kirit Pandit and Brent Walker in our exclusive webinar: “Leveraging Predictive Analytics with Social Determinants of Health and Psychographic Segmentation for Personalized, Hyper-Relevant Member Engagement”. You’ll discover:

  • How to use social determinants of health for more accurate risk segmentation of your population
  • How you can use each member’s natural propensity to build targeted programs
  • What psychographic segmentation is and how it can be used to prompt members to act

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