For more than two years, GlobalHealth an Oklahoma-based HMO offering Medicare Advantage plans for seniors and retired government employees, has been using a predictive and prescriptive analytics program that seeks to positively improve its Per-member per-month (PMPM), and its care management offerings by targeting and positively changing the lives of potentially at-risk members.

Today, GlobalHealth can successfully predict nearly 70 percent of its hospital admissions.

Download this case study that reviews the steps GlobalHealth has taken to incorporate predictive analytics in their organization, the changes they have made in their care management programs and the overall impact of these changes including:

  • 18% Reduction in ER Encounters and Emergent Hospital Admissions
  • 22% Reduction of Re-Admissions
  • 16% Reduction of Per Member, Per Month (PMPM) Medical Costs

This case study provides an in-depth look at all the steps, and lessons learned by GlobalHealth in their effort to achieve a 10% reduction in Medical Loss Ratio through their use of predictive analytics that have a direct impact on cutting costs and improving members’ care.

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